Meet The Ravens

In eight months, THE RAVENS will be released to the world. Here’s a peek as to what the book is about: Seventeen-year-old Charley Foster’s power of empathy is so strong, it’s probably magic. Bullied and labeled a freak, Charley is friendless until she meets fellow empaths Brynn and Joss who, together, create the Ravens, a Circle forContinue reading “Meet The Ravens”

“This is the year we rise.”

When I was in the third grade, we had career day at school. My classmates wore doctors’ coats or firefighter costumes or athletic gear.  I wore my regular school uniform because I couldn’t figure out what else to do, and brought in some books, a large pencil, and a pair of glasses. I was goingContinue reading ““This is the year we rise.””

Peering Out a Pandemic Window.

It’s this that I remember:There were subway tracks and a woman on the platform who sold spiced mango out of plastic bags. There was a steel drum and rats, chased by headlights. The A train doors, the West Side Story chord as the train pulled out of the station. The stairs, long, the stairs, crowded,Continue reading “Peering Out a Pandemic Window.”

A Creative Shift – Writing Resolutions for 2018

2017 felt like a year of creative shifting for me. A year marked, of course, with feelings of helplessness and darkness, but also with the spark of an idea. My fellow artists:  We are the ones who’ve been invited to see the world deeply and poignantly and it is our job to set it down,Continue reading “A Creative Shift – Writing Resolutions for 2018”

“How do such things begin?”

I just closed a production of Our Town, in which the Stage Manager asks, “How do such things begin?” of Emily and George’s eventual marriage. This question has been echoing through my mind a lot, lately, as I embark on a new writing project. It all feels so familiar: the empty pages of the beginningContinue reading ““How do such things begin?””

What We Talk About When We Talk About Publishing

It is rare for someone to ask me about my writing. It is so rare, in fact, that when it happens, I feel suddenly tongue-tied, and speak in sweeping statements that are likely confusing, and lead the other person into thinking that I don’t want to talk about my work. After a lot of introspection,Continue reading “What We Talk About When We Talk About Publishing”